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Listen, I love Coach Frost...


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Better be next year because I can't honestly see how he can survive FOUR losing seasons in 4 tries.
This is my fear, Bils. And I agree with your post about how it CAN work, I am just not sold that THESE coaches can get it going. I hope they can, he will surely get the runway he needs, but they have to start showing progress. Have to.


I think the scheme is fine but needs to be to what we have we have a bunch of decent tight ends but we hardly ever line up in two tight ends and run down hill instead we motion all over the place and try to out cute everyone well the big ten has excellent DC’s and play hard nose football and discipline defense it doesn’t work. Also a lot of times we ran 4-3 on Friday and it worked great we are strong on the DL and weak at linebacker we should not be running the 3-4 very much at all. Scott doesn’t like the 4-3 because of Chip Kelley back in the day said to his DC you can run any defense but 4-3 because we will kill you in practice but many teams in the Big Ten have proved that wrong they kill our offense. Nebraska when we where good was always good at stop the run and run the ball period. I would take that in heart beat because I think we could be very competitive with that. I’m really tired of hearing about recruits get some good RB’s and Oline and defensive players and start improving.