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List of award nominations and how too

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You can nominate if you choose by posting in the appropriate category. All posts and threads go through moderation so you won't see your post right away. This way I won't miss one. I will record each nomination in the first post of each category. In January (2014) we will start the full process of nominating and voting in February for the 2013 year.

In your post please provide a link to appropriate post/thread. You can do that by finding the post you want (Example: post of the year) and hitting reply with quote. Then copying and pasting that quote in to the nomination thread. Same as with thread of the year. Find the thread and hit reply with quote for the first post of that thread and copy and paste the text in to the thread of the year category. You can not nominate yourself. All nominations do have to be approved by me. I follow the normal board guidelines with that. So nominate and I will review. If it does not get approved I will let the person that nominated know. No nominations from the Members Only Board.

If the nomination is for a poster (example: poster of the year) I just need there name.

reply with quote example: The little arrow icon next to the name is a link to the post.

2014 HM Awards: Post of the year

2014 HM Awards: Thread of the year

2014 HM Awards: Poster of the year

2014 HM Awards: Best Screen Name

2014 HM Awards: Classiest Poster

2014 HM Awards: Hall of Fame

2014 HM Awards: MVP-Football

2014 HM Awards: MVP-Recruiting

2014 HM Awards: MVP-Baseball

2014 HM Awards: MVP-Basketball

2014 HM Awards: MVP-Volleyball

2014 HM Awards: MVP-Cafe

2014 HM Awards: Non-Nebraska fan of the year

2014 HM Awards: Newbie of the year
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