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Lexi Sun, what a teammate!

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The team had just lost the third set and was down 4-7 in the forth. It seemed like the husker team was a bunch of players and not a well functioning unit. Then something happened. It could have been many things, but one quite noticeable difference was that Lexi Sun had been inserted into the match. After several years of being near the pinnacle of volleyball notoriety she had been on the sideline during the entirety of the match until that point. Yet, when called on she hit the floor with that wonderful & infectious smile, blocked some shots, made some nice plays, bounced around with enthusiasm, and the rest of her mates seemed to figure it all out. The demeanor of the unit changed. The game seemed to be fun again. One smile turned into many, and one block turned into a barrage of digs, passes, shots & more blocks. The results was to outscore the opponent 21-9 and run away with a victory. Of course Lexi didn't win that set herself, but it appeared that she gave all that she had to the effort and that others were picked up by the new energy. I can't imagine what could have been going through her mind while being restricted to the sideline so often this season, but it sure is good to know that she's ready to play volleyball with aggressiveness and pride whenever called on.

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Lexi I hope starts hitting at .250 or .300 level and gets back to starting. She needs to be on the floor and she is a captain--informal--but a captain and leader of the team. Thanks for the essay. I agree 100%


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Sad to see that she didn't play against PSU. However, as Cook says. the best players will play, and he must feel that the 2 fr hitters are playing better and have more upside.
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