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Lexi Sun, Texas Transfer


Scout Team
15 Year Member
For those in the know, what are the odds the Huskers acquire this talent?

I read in today's World Hearld that she recently visited here.


Husker Fan
15 Year Member
#1 recruit in 2017
All big 12 as a freshman

3 years eligibility left

She will be a HUGE get for whoever she transfers too.

Ellis Boyd Redding

Travel Squad
5 Year Member
Wow, Lexi was the #1 ranked player in the nation coming out of high school.

She proceeded to become a unanimous All-Big 12 selection during her freshman year at Texas.

And now she is a Husker. :Corn2:


Tom Osborne
10 Year Member
That is a nice get. It is refreshing to know that she was willing to leave "the dark side" and come into the light.