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Let's Take Advantage of the Transfer Portal


Now we need a QB who can spin it!
I know AM didn't throw any long passes for the most part after he got benched but when he came back he was much more efficient. The fumbles on the other hand were cringe worthy. If he has deep threats and we can run the ball effectively I feel like he can effectively manage the game if he doesn't fumble.
Instead of moaning about all the players we are losing to the transfer portal, why don't we go out and try to get as many good players as we can from the Portal to come to NU.
Maryland got 5 star quarterback Taulia Tagovaloa. Maybe we didn't have a chance, but I hope we tried. He will now be throwing to Fleming.
We would not have had much luck with many of these players coming out of high school, but we should have a better chance in he Portal.
This also applies to Grad Transfers.
I heard Jalen Hurts was interested in NU, but was discouraged by Frost. He did OK at Oklahoma.
Joe Burrow was only at LSU 1 year, but they won the Natty. Look what happened to them this year. He is one we could have gotten out of HS or the transfer Portal, but we passed both times.
We could have gotten Milton from UCF if we really wanted him. It will be interesting to see what he does at FSU.
Whisky did OK with Russell Wilson, but we didn't hear much about him when he played before that for NC State.
NU has to realize that the culture in college FB has changed and most players are not willing to wait 2 years before they see the field. I don't think it takes years for a player to learn our "system". Play them or lose them!
Best Post of the New Year, but what do I know. Pay more like the Buccaneers. Oh that's the SEC.


Regulators! Let's mount up.
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Yo Quiero runzas
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Old Oak trees were very happy that Bama won the other night. Because we all know what Bama fans do when they lose.
Pal look me up win you win another championship. Can you say like NEVER
Six in 12 years pal. Get used to it and by the way did I tell you we had this years number 1 recruiting class?
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