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Let's see your college car...


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This one is in a bit better shape than mine was



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Edit; oops, my bad. This is the car that I first leaned to drive.

It was my dad's old work car. A 1954 Chevy Station Wagon, 6 cyl., w/ 3 on the tree. It was this color and pretty much in this condition...

1954 Chevy Station Wagon Handyman 210 54 Rare! for sale ...

...and the engine looked like this...


...and...it did have an air cleaner on it. :Lol:

My college car was a 1959 4-door Chevy. It was red but, it sure didn't look this good and it wasn't the Impala. I think it was Chevy's cheapest model at the time. :Biggrin:

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Mine, too!