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Law of Averages


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Frost is 5-15 in one possession games. NU is 0-6 in overtime games and has not even scored in any of those 6. Both of these seem almost impossible. Just unlucky in the law of averages, or is there a reason?


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in terms of OT, believe HCSF (at DONU) is 0-3 (all on the road coincidentally - which likely contributes somewhat)


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It means they're approaching parity with other teams from the bottom side, and stuck there. For wins and losses to even out in close games we would have to be equal to the teams we're getting close to, and we just aren't quite there yet.

The OT thing just reflects we are an awful red zone team in particular, which I think reflects our poor running game and how it allows defenses to attack our passing game in compressed space.
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