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Last weekend


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Man, what a weekend. Ms. King and her little sister went on one of their annual "sister trips" to Cedar Point last weekend so I, and the pups had the house to ourselves. I hadn't done any BBQ in a while so that's what we did. I went to my local butcher and got a deal on some baby backs. Went back to the house and dug out the last jar of Jerk marinade that I brought back from Jamaica, pasted the ribs up nicely and put them in the refrigerator overnight. Since it was just me, I used my Weber kettle, dual zone method (works like a champ) and left them on their with some peach wood, for about 4 hours. I wish I could put into words just how good those ribs were. Just...damn. I took some pics but they look like crap so I don't know if I'll link them up. Jerk doesn't do well on the smoker as it turns black but, they definitely were not burnt.

For sides, I made probably the best batch of potato salad that I've ever made (I'm on a run as of late, with my cooking) and some smoked jalapeno cornbread. One of my BIL's stopped by and helped me destroy one rack of ribs Saturday night so I had to make some more yesterday for when Mama came home.

Basically, I made and ate delicious smoked meat all weekend. I got some shooting in there as well as some yard work but that was all secondary to the pig on the smoker.
Sounds like a great time, man. I'm jealous. I have minimal culinary skills.