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Lamb Chops


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5 Year Member
I used to like Lamb or so I thought(it's been years since I had it). But I made what I thought was going to be a nice marinated lamb chop dinner tonight, and it turned out to be the worst cut of meat I've ever had. I will never again eat Lamb, it was just straight disgusting to me. I don't mind gamey, but this was just disgusting. Anyone else like or despise Lamb meat? It's worse than goat meat.


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15 Year Member
Dad didnt like it, so it was never allowed in the house. I think i have tried it once since then. Will eat it in a gyro.


2 Year Member
Not sure how or where you ate them, but my Brazilian brother in law taught me how to cook them.

I like them but find them pricey. ( French cut)