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Lamar Goods - Florida DL visiting: Commits To N. Colorado


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You could combine Connecticut and Rhode Island and it would still only be half the size of the Nebraska panhandle.
By land mass, but by a combined 4.621 million population they are well over twice the size of Nebraska's 1.934 million population; not to mention their combined $300.0 Billion in GDP is also more than twice the size of Nebraska's $123.9 billion GDP.

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Hope it was just a bad fit at Florida and not an attitude problem. Reports of him walking out of practice on more than one occasion this spring. Interestingly, Florida is VERY lean and inexperienced. on the defensive line...like us.

One tackle in two years, so he played very sparingly for the Gators. Would love to know the full story here. Hopefully its just a change of scenery that is needed for the kid.
Most of UF was a big attitude mess for just about everyone.


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Turned out okay for Nebraska

Oh and best to Lamar Goods
Glad we got Wynn if Goods was the fallback option.

At least the the young man found a scholarship opportunity, albeit at a middling FCS program. Perhaps another cautionary tale for those entering the transfer portal and expecting to end up in a better situation. It works for some, but certainly not for all.