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Kurt Rafdal Transfering

Sometimes I wonder if guys like this could get a fresh start at a new position. His size would seem to be good for pass rushing on obvious passing downs as a 3-4 OLB. He may not have quite enough quickness for that though.

Best of luck to him in the future.


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We have two slots left in this recruiting cycle and his will not be one of them.
Not directly. But we have had transfers in who are walk-ons like Oliver Martin, Nouili etc. who were scholarship players elsewhere and can use that spot. Given the over abundance of players in the portal you can bring someone on with the promise to either get a schollie or earn 1 in year 2.
I went to MSU and it was great, back in the day, but Bozeman has blown up and become lil Kalifornia now so I would today prefer Missoula. My wife graduated college from there.
Missoula is way worse than Bozeman. I live in the Bitterroot valley about 40 miles south of there. It reminds me of Boulder.


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It’s only going to get bigger....

Rosters are going to shift constantly......

the 3 and 4 deep players and beyond will go where they can play....or think they can play.....

and it may be a lot of younger kids who want instant gratification and aren’t willing to wait.

I like the idea of better vetting....but I think that doesn’t truly address the issue.

We have to get kids convinced that they WILL get to play and they WILL get the exposure they want IF they just WAIT...... instead of instantly bailing when their number isn’t called right away.

And I think that may call for a whole new approach and branch within the football program. Let’s call it the Player Development and Retention Staff. And I know nothing about our current staff so if we have one of these already then the obvious thing is they need immediate reinforcements!

Their job will be to constantly COMMUNICATE with and track these kids...setting and tracking developmental goals...especially the younger ones. The idea of once they get to Lincoln things just sort themselves out just doesn’t fly anymore.

Each of these kids wants to think he has a big part to play and he has a future.

Just assuming that they now “big boys” and “young men” and capable of making their own decisions and a kid will be happy being 6 th string I think is ludicrous in today’s world.

If we want these kids to stay and become “depth” then we’re simply going to have to put a lot of effort into it.

And effort means....money

And we already spend literally HALF the money that SEC schools do on recruiting. Yet keep saying we want to compete with the “big boys”....

we not only need more money to recruit and vet better...we need more money and effort to RETAIN.

I love the idea of a new football facility. But it won’t mean a damn if we can’t put kids in it that are good and retain those kids. And we’re not talking about huge, huge money. A couple of million dollars spent right now gives far greater benefits to the future...IMHO.
We essentially have 111 freshmen ,some of those numbers dynamics are going to show up in places on the team.
He wont be the last.

Good luck to him
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We essentially have 111 freshmen
Yup.....and that’s why I think we need to start doing things different in order to retain as many of the really good kids as we can.

This player is not the best example of a boy we want to keep. A good solid player that gave all he had here but just will never crack the top 4.

Heck...the Transfer Portal seems tailor made for a kid like Kurt.

But the portal overall and retention itself is a totally new problem and Nebraska needs to jump on this issue....like yesterday!


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He wasnt too bad of a player.... it must tell you a little something about what he saw in the new younger TEs who just signed on, just maybe they are everything we hope for.
He was pretty much gone before we signed anyone. He was firmly the #3 which doesn’t get you much PT before a guy like Fidone is even practicing.

He showed some flashes (like his catch in the spring game), but these are the kind of transfers that mean your position group is getting better. TE is a really stacked room.


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The whole college football world is shifting right now. Kids can pick up and leave at the drop of a hat and go to where they think the grass is greener. We need to get on top of this wave now! Just ringing our hands and saying we want to “vet better” I think is disaster for a school like Nebraska that absolutely has to recruit nationwide.

They all want to play...and immediately.....and they can’t/won’t and some may be just stellar players with time and development.

Somehow we need to convince the ones we want...to stay. And set up moral and dignified ways of helping a player move on to a situation good for him for the ones we don’t.

And for the folks that just give the simple answer of “winning will solve that.”.

OK...sure...a bit, and it will certainly help. But it does not truly solve the overall systemic problem that just was NOT there 4 years ago.

And the problem is simply this: in the old days a school could lock down a kid and make it very difficult for him to transfer. That no longer exists!

And the quicker we come to realize this and take bold aggressive steps to counter it, get on top of it, and even use it to our advantage the sooner we will get to a consistently winning program.

Talking about it is only the first step. The Athletic Department needs to start DOING something about it...spending money...trying new methods. Hiring additional folks to deal specifically with this new phenomenon. And soon!

Nebraska was literally the very first school to go all in on strength training, conditioning and nutrition. When no one else made the effort. The benefits were immediate and for literally 30 years Nebraska had an edge on opponents that they simply did not have.

We need to be the first school that learns how to USE this new situation that is only going to get worse.


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Missoula is way worse than Bozeman. I live in the Bitterroot valley about 40 miles south of there. It reminds me of Boulder.
I agree to an extent. Missoula was ALWAYS crunchy from day 1 that I lived in Montana. When I went to Bozeman, it was still mainly cowboy town with some elements of crunchyville. Today? It is little LA, or at least trying to be. I shot a bull elk right outside of Darby one year. The very next year, a sub division was going in on top of that ridge, which blew my mind. And a great friend of mine lives in hamilton so I hear how bad the Valley is getting down there. My sister is in Kalispell so I know that place is going from south Canada to Kalifornia.