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Kudos to U of Tennessee

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Baba Yaga
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What a heartwarming story...

Short version:

It was "college day" at an elementary school, where kids are encouraged to wear a shirt that supports their favorite team.
One 4th grader loved Tennessee, but he didn't own any official apparel, so he just wore an orange shirt with a handwritten "U.T." sign pinned to it.

(Note: what I LOVE about this, is that he did it ALL by himself, without any assistance from his parents. That makes it even more special)

He was ridiculed/bullied by some girls (who weren't even participating themselves), which devastated him.

His teacher posted about it on Facebook, and the response was incredible, and just keeps getting better

Officials and fans from UT sent him a crap-ton of official merchandise


The university’s official shop announced Friday that it decided to take the student’s handmade logo and turn it into an actual shirt. And some of the proceeds will be donated to an anti-bullying organization.

The shirt was so popular, it sold out quickly and overwhelmed the system.


UT just offered him a 4-yr scholarship for class of 2032

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Music Soothes My Soul
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While this really is a very nice, feel good story, at the end of the day, it's still Tennessee. I hope that the Vols crap the bed and go winless. I'll root for Tennessee about the same time I root for Texas, Texas that....


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I always like Tennessee when I was a kid. Got accepted to UT. Can you imagine the girls I wouldn't have slept with there? Hotter than the ones I didn't sleep with at Nebraska. Having said that, I probably would have given that kid a "flat tire" or tripped him for that effort.