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Kickoff Kicker….I’m liking this!!


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And we frankly have bite mark scars all over our butts from the last few years.

That's a little too much sharing in my opinion there, @johnrr6. If you're curious--and I fear for humanity if you are--my posterior is pristine.

Meanwhile, yes, our kickers have made me clench my sphincter muscles in ways that I have ended up pooping diamonds, but, again, that's too much information.


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We do need a good kick off guy but I don’t think it’s the difference between two or three wins. This team has found many creative ways to lose games.
It was a huge factor in at least two games in 2019. There's a great chance we beat Iowa without the KO return for TD. And the Wisky game would have been down to the wire. Of course, it's impossible to prove either way.

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I think one thing that gets overlooked in the article. He is a kicker first...but. He played DB at 6'3 220#. So IF a return happens my guess would be he has a better than average chance of tackling the returner. By better than average I mean better than the average kicker.
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