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Kicking Back with the Cooks Podcast: Episode 5

Powder Creek

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The first episode of 2022 is now available on YouTube and is fun listening/viewing. I've been listening over the past couple years and it always brings a smile to my face. Coach John Cook & host Lauren Cook West talk about all kinds of things largely related to Husker volleyball with a lot of personal insights thrown in. It's not Xs & Os so is fun if you want some inside info. The current episode gets into things like John's horse, Russ Rose's notebook, Kelly Hunter hire, Kaitlyn Hord transfer, Long Beach State & Callie coming to play this fall, etc. Starts slow but worth sticking around for.

Kicking Back with the Cooks


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30 of 35 who traveled to the final 4 tested positive for covid.

Talked to Jordan Larson about the assistant position. Her husband is head coach for #1 Mens Peperdine team. Timing was not right for her.

No word yet on Caffey