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Kevin Warren Hired By The Chicago Bears

Hopefully the league doesn't let the presidents of Indiana and Northwestern pick the new commissioner again. Warren was a very poor fit for this league. The NFL is where he belongs.
Kevin Warren was just a yes man. He likely took the job with the bears to escape the disaster that is the b1g power handlers. None of the decisions he made Nebraska fans didn’t like were decisions made by 1 man. If so, I guess euphoria awaits.
Good riddance. Trev Alberts would make a great commissioner but I'd heae to see him leave us.

I don't think Warren drove anything in the conference when he was there, except when the presidents told him to do so. I don't think he drove the offers to USC and UCLA. I don't think he had anything to do with schedules of individual schools, nor do I think he told officials to call things against NU in games..

What he gave the presidents was a suit out front and decent performance before mics (not great, but decent) and a cover for what they wanted to do, one toward whom dissenters like NU in some cases could direct their discontent. The next guy will be the same (I expect it will be a guy).

So we as a board railed at Warren and now think things will be different because he's gone. Things will be different but it will be because the addition of the high powered West coast schools and big TV contract will make it different. Presidents aren't giving that power to an employee.


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