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Kevin Cross is "N"


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Take a look at the roster as it stands right now (counting Roby):

Sr(3): Haanif Cheatam, Matej Kavas, Roby
Jr(3): Thor, Dachon Burke, Jervay Green
So(3): Cameron Mack, Dalano Banton, Shamiel Stevenson
Fr(3): Akol Arop, Yvan Quadraogo, Kevin Cross
2020 verbals(2): Donovan Williams, D'Andre Davis

With all the roster upheaval--that is some serious roster management magic!


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We shoulda let Miles stay and just petition the NCAA for a whole new team.

There are football teams with smaller signing classes! I mean we even got new better walk ons right!?!?


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So, would you say that perhaps for Okie St. that this is a criss Kross? ;)