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Kelly Hunter - PVB's National Player of the Year

Ellis Boyd Redding

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Congratulations Kelly on being named PrepVolleyball.com's 2017 National Player of the Year. :Mfclap:

We stated before the Final Four that our three finalists included Hunter, Penn State’s Simone Lee and Stanford’s Kat Plummer, who was well deserving of all the Player of the Year accolades she received, including the AVCA’s. However, we waited until the Final Four played out for a reason, to have the benefit of the whole picture, the final two parts so important in deciding this year’s POY for us.

It’s much easier to look at the stats of an outside hitter like Plummer and quantify her production. Setters are much harder to judge, as stats rarely tell much of the story. Is the ball consistently in the window? Is the tempo of the sets consistent? Are the decisions consistently the right ones?

Added to that, Hunter isn’t dishing the rock to a 6-6 beast of a hitter like Plummer or Lee. By all accounts, Nebraska is under-sized and not able to match the physicality of the power squads. Foecke and Annika Albrecht’s games are much more finesse than flash. Albrecht was one of three new hitters Hunter was adjusting to, and we saw how the Huskers struggled early this season when Hunter was out.

Florida coach Mary Wise called Hunter the best in the nation at her position, and for all that Hunter is PVB’s pick.


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Absolutely she was the best!!!! Congrats kelly!!!

Red Corn

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She's been really, really good for three years and 4 rings now...She earned it, and then some.