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Kelly Clarkson surprises high school football star giving back to foster kids (Malachi Coleman)

If he does not make it in football which I find unlikely at this point. I can see him becoming a social worker, or a counselor.

For those who will push back at the idea that I think it is unlikely he will not succeed. I say that because. He is playing for a purpose greater than himself. That is a powerful motivator. I have seen plenty of guys fail who were about elevating themself. They are a rare breed. He has already done more than most will do to make the world a better place.

He's a stud and if more people were like him in life the world would be infinity better. No matter what he does on the field he's changed lives for the better and everyone will always be proud that he's from Nebraska.

A wonderful ambassador for U of Nebraska imo. Perhaps he’ll inspire other kids that have found themselves in similar circumstances. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t become one of the top players in college football the next several years. However the most important things is what kind of person he is and he’s off to a fabulous start. A very impressive young man!
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