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Keagan Johnson Commits To Iowa

Hmmmmmm....... yes, another local guy Frost was incapable of keeping home. Not sure if they recruited him that hard?

Serious and honest question. Has the "Frost Effect" worn off at least to some degree?

Yes, it's maybe a small "lingering effect" now.

I think it surely has, but I offered this opinion a while back and basically got shot down for it. As RR said, losing will do it. However, you think there would still be a bit of buzz with the in-state guys. Of course there is, they're not losing all of them, but a legacy with a scholarship offer is a little harder to understand.

Hard to sell losing seasons. Only advantage is playing time early. I am hopeful that year three is a turning point and we start to see more wins. If we don’t this years class will take a drop. Got to produce with what you have.
With the schedule we may not see great win total improvement. If we see a better team that would help. Gotta start playing like a fundamentally sound team if we want to sell Nebraska. If we do this wins will come and also recruits. It’s a big chicken/egg conundrum


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