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Kate Talks: Past, Present & Future

Red Don

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Great Interview (18 min) with Kate Cain (always well-spoken) on the Huskers Radio Network Podcast (w/Jessica Coody, super interviewer)

Fun Listen, Fast-paced, concise, succinct, and informative:

> Kate's in Lincoln for the summer, working on classes (halfway through MBA program) and using athletic facilities,

> She expects to sign a contract to play overseas this year.

> Two week training camp with the Las Vegas Aces was a great learning experience; Learning about WBB at the next level, getting to play with the 'best of the best, contacts, good preparation for getting ready to play overseas.

> Talks about her time at Nebraska, how she got here, and what a positive experience it has been; the place, the fans, and the folks who have all been so supportive, like family.

> Talks defense, and Shot-blocking (of course). Talks how her offensive skills improved, particularly in her Jr & Sr seasons, and how her Huskers experience has been good preparation for a pro career.

> Huskers have the best fans in the country and a hearty thanks for all their support for her personally and for the team.

> Thinks this will be an interesting year for the WBB team. Everyone (except her) is coming back plus the incoming class. There is so much talent she could see some big things this year.