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I was at the KU-Duke game today. 1st time I'd been at the stadium.

The Good- Leipold had his team ready to play after 2 big road wins. No letdown at all. KU came out grinding the ball on the ground and had a turnover early as they were driving for their 2nd score. Then they started mixing in some good play action and misdirection. The RB ran really hard and they wore down Duke. They wore down Duke with a ground game and beat them at times with both the run and pass. In the beginning of the 4th quarter I saw the stat they had 29 rushes and 20 passes, so fairly well balanced with a lean toward the run. Not sure the final stats. Very easy to get in and out of the stadium and out of Lawrence.

The "Meh"- the KU defense did the job, but didn't look "stout" by any means. To their credit they had a couple of nice fourth down stops when they needed them. I don't know enough about the KU players or the Duke offense to make any definitive statements about player talent, scheme, Duke's offensive prowess. Ultimately, the KU defense got stops when they needed and got the ball back to the offense which is more than I could say most of the time for NU.

The Bad- Concessions. They were absolutely unprepared for that type of crowd. Total fail. Took my son to get food with about 8:00 left in the 2nd quarter and we didn't get back to our seats until 1:00 left before the 2nd half kickoff. Hot dogs not ready, out of pretzels, out of chips. Horrible experience. If anyone knows the guy who oversees the guy who runs stadium operations, tell him his ops dude needs to be fired. When the stadium sells out, someone needs to be thinking about what that means, who else needs to know, and what to change. Not a single walk around vendor so everyone in the stadium had to go to a concession stand to get anything. They sell beer and those lines were 3 times as long as the food lines.

Overall good experience, fans were nice, even to some Duke fans in the area. Most I talked to loved Leipold and are very scared NU will steal him.
Labor situation in that town is probably pretty tight.


Long time listener, first time caller
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I don't know why Leipold didn't get a call to come up from Whitewhater long before he did. Very strange. Maybe he did but turned it down because his kids were in high school and he didn't want to move? Just guessing based on his age. At any rate, it's a big thing holding me back. What would his staff look like? Where are his connections? Ditto Clawson. He came up in the northeast. Not a football hotbed.

We're not going to get a current SEC or Big Ten head coach but I'd like someone who's spent serious time on staffs in those conferences. That is where the best football is being played. Period. Whoever we get needs recent experience there.


Even Clawson spent a year at Tennessee.

Someone with the time could dig through the coaching trees.

Sorry, with all respect to Leipold, iron sharpens iron and he has been VERY far from the best football in the game his whole career. A history of winning is very important but DIII football is high school level. Think of who is playing at Whitewater. Those kids might not have been starting in high school. It's hard to win everywhere but you're surrounded by assistants as well who are in D3 for a reason if they're not 25.

The best coaches are at major FBS schools by 30 as position coaches. If not sooner. Zac Taylor was coaching the Bengals at 36.

Hate to point out the obvious but: Why was his only offer from the worst team in FBS over the last 10 years?
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