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Kade Warner Transfering To Kansas State

Husker In Oklahoma

All Big 10
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For all the praise Klieman was getting here, they finished on a five game losing steak including ugly losses to Iowa State (45-0) and Texas (69-31). They had a pretty large exodus of players through the portal. They did have some injuries that hurt them and they were young at QB once Thompson went down but they still had some significant issues. It's a good landing spot for Kade but I'm not sure I buy the sentiment in the post quoted above. I think Snyder got 1* to play like high 3*. We'll see if Klieman can do that consistently. The jury is still out.
Well, they’ve beaten OU, twice under him. Injuries definitely hurt them. Their recruiting well under a 3* average. Yes, they finished ugly, but they were hit with injuries and I’m not sure they were ever at full strength after getting hit with covid earlier in the season.


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Great kid...good locker room guy. And I loved his work ethic...

At the same time I just can’t get out of my head those TD passes he dropped...and a few other big ones.

solid...middle of the road WR’s at Power 5 Schools MAKE those catches...

Good luck Kade!