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Kade Warner Transfering To Kansas State


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Wouldn’t shock me if he produces for them. They seem to excel at making 1* athletes play like a high 3*.
For all the praise Klieman was getting here, they finished on a five game losing steak including ugly losses to Iowa State (45-0) and Texas (69-31). They had a pretty large exodus of players through the portal. They did have some injuries that hurt them and they were young at QB once Thompson went down but they still had some significant issues. It's a good landing spot for Kade but I'm not sure I buy the sentiment in the post quoted above. I think Snyder got 1* to play like high 3*. We'll see if Klieman can do that consistently. The jury is still out.
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Kade seems to be a great teammate and well liked by the team. I do appreciate the effort he's put into our program. Having said that imo he wasn't going to see much playing time with the stable of excellent receivers (I hope) Nebraska has now. If he wants playing time then his best move was in fact the portal. Good luck to him going forward to play for his new school KSU.