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I posted this on the front page and have had a good response.

Since moving to northern California in January of 2018 I have made friends with several local winery owners. They would like to give special offers to the readers of HuskerMax.

Here is how it works. All you need to do is fill out the form below with your first and last name, email address and your zip code. You also have to be over the age of 21. You will be added to a Constant Contact email list where we will send special wine purchase offers on a regular basis about once a month.

There is no obligation to purchase and you can cancel receiving these emails at any time. Your email will not be shared with the wineries or any marketing company. You do not need to join a wine club with regular shipments to take advantage of these offers. Sign up and enjoy these special wine offers.

The sign up form is at this link.

Farmer Jake

Do they carry the Bo Pelini wine? You know the one made with sour grapes
It was market tested for several years, but it didn't always sell well in some of the warmest conditions. And then it was pulled from the menu by an over-powering vintner who failed to grow grapes in a sand dune and knew nothing about the growing season in a Midwest climate. He brought in a vine that produced something sweeter under ideal growing conditions, but went flat when transplanted to this area. Finally, a vintner from a more northern, arid climate and realized a hardier variety was required for this area. The vintner brought in a vine that was an off-shoot of an award winning variety. Too soon to tell how it will sell, but initial testing is looking better.:)

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