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John Candy dead 25 years? Really?

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Great tribute thread to post some of Candys' great roles...


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The thing that was amazing about Candy was that he would do all these movies and here is this fat guy and his wife was always great looking in them. One of my favorites is "Summer Rental". I watch a segment on some entertainment show about its making. They shot the movie in about 4 weeks and from the start of filming till it was in theaters was like 3 months.


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Someday I'd like to find a steakhouse with a Old 96'er.

we have an early morning workout group that runs the stairs at our 50,000 seat football stadium every wednesday in the summer and and a couple times during the summer there's a race to run every set of stairs in the stadium called the Old 96'er because you have to finish every last one just like poor John Candy in that movie.
then when that wasn't enough of a challenge for some of the elite runners they added 'The Gristle' which was running every stair in the upper deck twice.
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