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Joe Burrow


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The only real problem with Nebraska not having Joe Burrow is that Bo Pelini and his OC, can't remember his name, passed on him in the first place. They didn't want him, a 4 star legacy QB that was pretty interested in coming to Nebraska and they passed on him. Mike Riley tried to get him to commit, but he was already committed to OSU at that point.

Art Vandelay

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Joe Burrow is having a great run this year (5th year), but he was far from impressive last year. And a lot of the time he looked ovematched.


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Don't wait around for a response.
Well there are reasons you are supposed to avoid double negatives in sentences. :Biggrin:

Yeah, I wish Pelini & Beck would have offered him from the get go. But for the record he was a three star at the time. IIRC, he didn’t get the fourth star until after tOSU offered.

I wish Burrow nothing but the best, I wish we would have made a greater effort when he decided to transfer, but we probably weren’t his best option at that time. It is a long season and I am willing to give our staff and QBs every encouragement. I am not crying over not going after Burrow.


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If Burrow would have come here back in the day, I bet he would have transferred out. Riley would have still gone with Lee and have Obrien and Gebbia in the wings

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Best of luck wishes to Joe Burrow. Now, do you hear the bell ringing? That is the indicator that history class is over. Please get a move on or you will be late for current events class. Good Day!


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I posted this in another thread but I think it bears repeating. At tonight's Heisman ceremony there were 4 athletes. 3 of whom played for Ohio State. Current QB Justin Fields, rush end Chase Young, and former QB Joe Burrow. That's just insane in terms of talent concentration even if Joe left. Says a lot about where they are vs where we are and want to be. We are a long ways off in terms of recruiting and developing talent.