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Joba tears up his ankle playing with kid


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Trampolines are ankle killers...especially with the amount of weight that Joba carries.


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New York Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain's freak ankle injury reportedly created fear for his life due to the amount of blood he initially lost.
The pitcher, who was injured while playing with his son Thursday, required surgery that night for an open dislocation of his right ankle, which will likely end his season and could threaten his career, according to the New York Daily News.
The paper cited a Yankees' source in saying there was worry about Chamberlain's loss of blood initially and a team source also said the bone was sticking out of Chamberlain's skin.


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I love how, many in NY are ripping Joba! Hey, NY, the young man could have died, and all you're worrying about is your friggin' baseball season. On behalf of most Husker fans...........................bite me! :stickouttongue:
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Kids are dangerous....I know, I have 5 of them and they each have had their turn at trying to kill me off.