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Joba selling his stuff


Nobody important
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Pinnacle Bank filed a notice of default on the loan in October 2019, while Chamberlain still owed more than $900,000, according to county records. Pinnacle Bank took ownership of the house -- described by the county assessor's website as having two bedrooms and five bathrooms -- in January and, the next month, went to court to force him to leave.


Put Me In Coach
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Looks like we can add him to the long list of professional athletes that should have been set up for life, but somehow managed to mess it up. I feel bad for him, Vince Young, not so much.


Founding Father
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He played in the league for over 10 years, I can't imagine not having the coin, and if he was desperate for funds why would he leave all the value there?

Husker Country Doc

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... but why wouldn't he have taken all the collectable stuff? The bank foreclosed on the house, not the contents. He abandoned the "stuff"and that makes no sense to me.
Exactly. My only experience in this area would indicate that the former occupant just threw thier hands up, and walked away.


Travel Squad
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Who thinks Joba wishes he could get the money back from UNK he donated for the baseball facility...considering they cut the program...