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Jilted Recruiting Love. A group memoir.


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Most Loved Husker Recruits that didn't end up signing with us:
1. Bookie.

Who does everybody else got?

Any recruit that never signed that got more love than Bookie?
But at that point in time, where fans clamoring for him? As an after the fact miss, it doesn't get much bigger.
Yeah, probably not. Although looks like OSU helped make sure of that:

This bowl season I saw Bookie, Josh Moore, Javontae Jean-Baptiste, and Mario Goodrich all starting or playing major roles for top teams. Earlier this year I saw Cameron Brown starting at corner for OSU and, I think, Chase Williams played early at USC. All 6 were committed to us in the fall of 2018 and flipped in the same class. What could have been...
Odell James. Even Jim Rome was talking about James on his national radio show when he chose Baylor over Nebraska.

Larry Station. I don't remember being upset when he decided to go to Iowa, but then every time I would turn on the television when Iowa was playing and watch him wreak havoc it made me a little sick to my stomach.
"Bookie" hasn't been a world beater at OU but would have helped us a lot. He seems to not cover particularly well and is an average tackler. I've noticed he sort of "shows up" when there's a gang tackle though.
Crawford is the biggest miss we've had probably. Starling?? who knows, has he done much in baseball yet?
Sayers wasn't recruited all that hard by the coach (Jennings) at the time. Devaney would have secured him if he'd been around at that time. Gabbert and Freeman had above average college careers but not sure we missed much by not getting them.