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Jervay Green ‘N’


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Be nice to get him settled back in - Denver has some good players and it would be good to have an "in" with them.
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Here's a link that didn't cost to read...
Huskeronline.com article link...
According to Green, that first face-to-face introduction couldn’t have gone much better.

“The meeting went great,” Green said. “It definitely got me feeling better about my decision, so I’ll have further updates about that probably tomorrow night or Friday.”

Green said the prevailing message from Hoiberg and Abdelmassih was that they viewed him as an ideal fit in the type of system they wanted to run with the Huskers.

Regarded as arguably the top junior college prospect in the country, Green averaged 23.6 points per game while shooting 54.7 percent from the field and 39 percent from behind the arc.

A player who loves to push the pace offensively and thrives on the perimeter, it’s easy to see why Hoiberg made the Denver, Colo., native a top priority.

“He wanted me to just trust him and trust the process,” Green said. “He said that he’s got a plan and he really thinks Nebraska, as a team, we can go far, so just believe in him and believe what he’s got going…

“He was saying he ran sort of an NBA style of offense, so basically with their pace – I’m a downhill guy, and he thinks I would be perfect for what they do. So the way he wants to play and the way that I play, he thinks that would be a great fit.”