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Jamey Chadwell


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I'm from Nebraska and lived in Denver for about 5 years and Kentucky for a year. I'm a pretty conservative guy, and comparing KY and Denver, I definitely had more in common with the KY people I lived around and work with. Despite that similarity, things were certainly different in KY. I can't put my finger on it but I never felt comfortable there, despite our surface similarities.
I felt like that in TN too. Something just….off.


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I've been watching the CC game and it's fun to watch but somehow I think it would not last long in a conference where everyone would get film fairly quickly. The newness of the offense for the team seems to be its strength, and in a good conference, that would wear off fairly quickly.

What the game doesn't seem to do is show much about how the team would do with an offense that is similar to everyone else's offense. And haven't we done that hire a few years ago?


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What are you talking about <blinks nervously 5 times per second while shifting eyes left and right>………..……….‘course not.

That sounds like a video game cheat code.


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Guy looks really young.

Would he reach out beyond current staff for coordinators?
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