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Jamaica beats Mexico will face USA in Gold Cup Final

Red Reign

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Fantastic free kick goal in minute 87 in what had been a real lackluster game.

Thus Jamacia will face the USA in the Gold Cup Final on Wednesday evening.

Jamaica in back to back Gold Cup Finals. Lost to Mexico in 2015 Final.


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That was the weirdest "celebration" I've ever seen for a thrilling late-game free kick AND the final whistle sending a team through to the final of a big tournament. My instinct is that these guys are really focused - they want to win the whole thing. But we'll be ready for them...:Usaflag:


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Sucks for Mexico. They struggled with Jamaica both times they faced them in this Cup. Mexico can take some solace in knowing they didn't send an A team, or really many stars at all, but I am sure they didn't think they'd be losing to Jamaica.
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