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Jahkeem Green Is On Campus


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The long and winding process of securing Green's commitment appears to have ended successfully for NU. Nice addition to the team.

Now it's time to find out if Green is really a guy who is destined to be an early round draft pick in 2 years. I hope it works out that way.


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I’m always curious to see how quickly juco guys can come in and start. I think it’s great advertising if you can get them in the mix pretty fast, letting future jucos know we have a track history there.
Arguments been made all around on the juco topic. Just excited about this one and how quickly it works out.


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I’m sure I could find out but is he a 2 to play 2 guy or 3 to play 2?

He’s likely not in fball shape and behind in learning the systm..


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I'm really wondering how our defense can't be much better with the lineup we are forming at that position.
I believe D will be improved, finally a little stability there with coaching, the lineup, and a solid culture beginning to take root. I think the depth of their improvement will determine the final win tally from an 8 win team to 10 or more season. There was a few teasers last year that there could be a few studs on d... I’m thinking of Khalil Davis vs Wisconsin’s screen play in 3 rd quarter as one ( where he recognized screen and chased down rb from behind for a loss). If N can get more consistent play like that and at least hold the line of scrimmage it would be a big improvement.

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He’s likely not in fball shape and behind in learning the systm..
Yep, I agree. Probably not playing in 2019 season. Redshirt?

And Derrick Mills too. Last Chance U Show (JUCO) ..... no weight room and training table
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