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Jahkeem Green Is On Campus; Officially N

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I heard this on sports radio over the weekend and meant to comment on it sooner. The narrative was that coaches have way more access to players while school is not started ... Assuming NU is starting late much like Tennessee which begins call semester around August 26th.
Interesting thanks!

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Interesting, considering he was listed at 285 at Highland and he just got to our campus.

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Now that we know he is listed at 285 on the roster, that "He carries 327 better than I do" comment from Darrion Daniels must have been alluding to Green putting Carlos Davis in full pads on his back and doing the death crawl down the field.

I'm waiting to see Duvall tweet that video out sometime this weekend.

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An odd number for a D-Lineman (especially a NG), but whatever works.
Keeping in mind he also lines up at DE too

Word is they may have used the weight from his JUCO for the official roster. Keeping in mind that would be a year old

True weight will he known soon enough
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