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Jack Hoffman Update 6/10/24


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Having surgery tomorrow (6/11). Throw up some prayers for it being successful. From his Caring Bridge site.

Well, we made it! Thank you for all of your prayers for Jack—he has been doing really well this last month and was able to enjoy graduation, vacation, and some river time as well!

We are in New York and are done with preop labs, brain lab MRI, and preop visit. We learned today that Jack’s surgery is scheduled to start at 7:30 am EST. We are ready to get this tumor out! He will be in the hospital for 2-4 days and we put in a request for the dissolvable stitches so we can come home sooner. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the prayers and concern for Jack and thank you for praying for him tomorrow and in the days to come!

With so much gratitude,
Bri, Jack, Ava and Reese

All the best, Jack. My son has had two resection surgeries. The first was when he was fairly young. I know the second one, when he was 18, took longer to recover from. He had to stay at Madonna for a few weeks to do PT. Give yourself the time you need to fully recover. I pray your surgery is a tremendous success and your healing process is a smooth journey.
Today's Caring Bridge update.

Thank you for all of the prayers!! We definitely feel them. Jack is out of surgery and recovering. We haven’t been able to see him yet so we will have to see how he wakes up. But the neurosurgeon’s report was that anatomically it went well (as well as it could have). The frozen slide showed the same pathology as before so hopefully we aren’t dealing with anything higher grade, but they still do actual pathology testing and we will have to wait for that to come back. He still has tumor cemented around the posterior cerebral artery and they can’t get all of that out but we knew that coming in. He got as much tumor tissue out as possible in his hippocampus but left what still looked like good brain tissue. It sounded like it wasn’t the easiest surgery because he has scar tissue from previous surgeries and the tumor is pretty deep. We are so thankful for all of your prayers today and will update again after he wakes up. Thank you for your continued prayers!!

Much love,
Bri, Jack, Ava & Reese

Latest update.

Not gonna lie: this is hard. Brain tumor surgery is no joke and lots of our friends have done this more than we have. Jack has been slow to wake up and his neuro checks started off kind of scary because there were some things he couldn’t do and commands he couldn’t follow. With each check though he has improved so we are very thankful for that! His speech is also improving. He is very sleepy though and doesn’t wake unless someone rouses him. The neurosurgeon was by to check on him tonight and said his brain deserves to rest. It’s probably stunned because they took so much tumor out. We are grateful for all of your prayers and know God hears every one of them. Please continue to pray for an easy recovery for Jack!

So grateful,
Latest update.
I am not surprised that it is taking a while for Jack to respond. When my son got out of his second resection surgery, at age 18, he was fairly unresponsive for a while. The brain needs more time to heal, especially as these kids get older and become adults. My son slowly improved, as well. That's to be expected and I hope they aren't worried. Godspeed Jack and family!


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