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Jack Hoffman update 5/20/19


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Just got the CaringBridge.com update on Jack. Things are looking good. Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming.

Jack just came back from a monthly appointment at Dana Farber’s Jimmy Fund Clinic in Boston. We were thankful to be able to put May’s visit off until school was out! Jack was relieved to not have homework to make up for this trip. While the monthly traveling takes its toll on a person, we are grateful that Jack has the opportunity to participate in this clinical trial. His required lab work was all appropriate this trip, as it has been the entire trial, so he is allowed to continue on the trial. He has his next MRI scheduled for June, and if the tumor is stable, he will “graduate” to every 3 month monitoring/MRI appointments. (Yay!) However, he will remain on the trial for up to another year. We are grateful that our monthly trips to Boston (since last August) are coming to an end in June.
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Sure glad Jack still has eligibility with this team, he seems to be a 6th year senior but what the heck, sign him up for graduate school, his leadership is irreplaceable.