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It's official, Mark Whipple OC


Short...but slow
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At the very least, he should be able to recruit a great QB, especially if Pickett wins the Heisman!!
He's going to need 2 or 3 ASAP . . . there isn't a QB on the roster who can run the Pitt offense (and I'm guessing Frost isn't going to get Whipple to run much option). Haarberg, maybe--eventually. But Whipple's not going to hitch his wagon to an inexperienced project when he needs to win right away.

Patrick McLaughlin

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I feel like Whipple will be open to what Scott wants. Why not? Maybe he can fuse what Scott wants with what he already knows. I think it could work out really well. Sounds like Whipple is very good at adjustments and wrinkles that keep people on their toes. I doubt anything SF wants would throw him for a loop at all.


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Good hire for the most part. Whipple obviously has a sharp offensive mind and did wonders for Pickett, who is a Heisman finalist and a likely first round pick in April, which hopefully will give the Huskers some clout moving forward. I worry about his age and some of things out there about his recruiting acumen. They need to hit the recruiting portal hard for a QB while the iron is still hot from Pitt and Pickets season.

Hopefully, this works out; would love to see some top notch offensive football.


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I’m waiting to see what he does. Really all I can do at this point. I’m surprised we didn’t go in a more run heavy direction but so be it. Just gotta trust Scott and if it doesn’t work out he’s toast and we can move on. I suspect the offense will work better for guys like Haarberg and less so for Smothers but who knows. I’ve got the Pitt v WF replay on record to watch this evening. Looking forward to checking the offense out.