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It's official, Donovan Raiola OL


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I like it.

Particularly if it helps us pull in more Pacific Islander-type kids.


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Is this like Larry Brown hiring Danny Manning's dad to his staff at Kansas? We hire the uncle we get the 5 star quarterback in the deal.
Worked for Larry.

I think there’s more to it than that here, though. Do you want to compete with Wisconsin? Get a guy who played there and grew up in that culture. Maybe the best way to get back to a dominant OL culture at Nebraska is to import it.


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Welcome aboard! He's got some serious film study to do to see what the hell is wrong with the line. Hopeful he can fix it.

Also, if NU can win/bowl and possibly find a relative who plays QB to join the club . . . that would be pretty nice.
Yep - an incentive to play well early - we are auditioning to be the home of the next Raiola generation.