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It's Deion

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Trev and Deion have history that many forget. Their TV careers crossed paths many times as well as Trev's time in tv while Deion was still playing. The relationship is there.

Also Deion probably has a much different opinion of Nebraska than other contemporary coaches. He played for fla state at the same time Nebraska was the premier program in the country. Deion played Nebraska 3 times. The 85/86 home and home and the 88 fiesta bowl.

And whoever the coach is, the contract will be for 5-7 million with incentives to reach 10-12 million. Trev is not going to get the university into a situation like texas am where a $90 million buyout could happen.


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I just wanna say the older I get the more beautiful my blonde locks are



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It's funny how some folks here feel the need to trash the program they claim to support, just to prop up their favored coaching candidates who have zero chance of ever coaching at Nebraska.

I’m not trashing the program, just the hypocrisy. Sometimes people need to be reminded of how they got the things they have.

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Mods must have the week off or something. Usually any and all Deion threads are shut down immediately around here.


Nah the other thread got closed because of the personal barbs and attacks

Any other D. Sanders threads I am unaware of

So not only is your comment incorrect but your discussing moderation on the open board

I guess you forgot to read the rules when you joined HM so I am giving you a thread ban which will give you time to read the rules because next time it will cost you a few days board ban. You get a get out jail free card this time

Oh and the thread stays open


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I’m not trashing the program, just the hypocrisy. Sometimes people need to be reminded of how they got the things they have.
What hypocrisy? I don't ignore the legal issues that Osborne's players had back in the mid 90s or the allegations of PEDs. But those things were the exception to the rule in a 25 year career. As a whole Osborne ran a clean, ethical program.

Scandal has followed Urban Meyer everywhere he has gone. It is a pattern. It was not a pattern with Osborne.


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You mean the majority of our silver slugger (closeminded) fan base wouldn't want Primetime?!?! No way....and i thought Christian's accepted everyone!
Just gonna take a wild guess that you have no idea what Christians accept.

PS-Deion claims Christianity.


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i agree with you. this man believes in god, does not drink or smoke, and has recruited higher profile players at jsu than coaches we have here. all characteristics that some on here "claim" are impt to them. but unfortunately, you are talking to allot of closed minded people. it has been stated on this board, in numerous areas, that he does not fit nebraska's "culture." what that really means, amongst other things, is that certain parts of deion will prevent some on here to judge him solely on his character. and that is unfortunate. surprising? no...but still unfortunate.
Very well said.

He doesn't have a long resume with a coaching track record, but a rising star, none the less. In terms of culture, he could "be" the culture for Huskers 18,19,20-30-40 years old and what they like. And that is what is important for recruiting and the future Husker donors/fans of Nebraska.

Deion, Mickey, Busch would be pretty cool culture builders, back filled with some solid OC, DC choices.
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