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It’s Official: Welcome Matt Rhule

Not to toot my own horn....but I will. In the thread I started about when the announcement will come.I said. I think it os Rhule so ot will be saturday.

Hold on I think I broke my arm patting myself on the back.
Okay. Then we'll hold you responsible if he fails.


I get what you're saying. Maybe best to say nothing at all about Frost. Not that Frost's name should not be spoken but probably too soon for Husker fans. I wonder if he's even heard about Frost's issues. All in all, though, a forgivable faux pas.
Probably could have got by without saying anything. But I would guess someone on this board would have complained about that too.

One positive thing about it is it didn’t identify some deficiency of the players, such as saying they have a bad culture. That could alienate players day one. He probably followed a formula of (1) say something nice about the last guy, (2) say something nice about the interim, (3) make a vision statement for how you intend to move forward.

In the end, its about winning, not the press conference.
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I wonder how long until the national media publishes a photo of Matt Rhule standing in a corn field.
My left hemisphere says: "deja vu all over again." My right hemisphere says: "the future is bright." Both together say: "I could have been happy with MJ heading the show."

Is it ok to shorten Matt Ruhle to MR when it could also be confused for Mike Riley? Maybe we need to use MRH? :Lol:

I refer to former head coaches like this: FHCSF, FHCMR, etc.

The "F" meaning "Former"... not some other descriptive word beginning wIth an " F". ;)
I'm excited about this hire.

I think my expectations are reasonable; a Husker Team that plays sound, disciplined, physical football. A Husker team and staff that focus on attention to details and strives for excellence. A Husker Team and Program that demonstrates player development.

I'm hopeful (if not a bit more confident) that Rhule will end up being a great hire.

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I'm over getting excited about coaching hires, I'm at the I have to see it on the field stage. However, I will say this is another promising hire, just like 2 of the last 3. I selfishly hope we can keep Mickey, and Busch on staff, though I think they will both have options. No one is mentioning Bill Busch, but what he did with special teams, and then the defense was amazing considering what he started with.


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