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Is this the start of something?

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I have not seen much on the start of the 2021 baseball season, but I did find this from Kendall Rogers!

***According to Kendall Rogers of D1 Baseball, the head coaches of the conference have agreed to a season schedule that will have 32 conference games. Nonconference scheduling will be up to the discretion of the schools.***

This was dated Jan. 7th 2021 and he was talking about the Big 12 conference and it looked like the schools were going to vote on it today!

It was from a tweet, but I do not have twitter...so if someone that does have twitter can find his tweet, maybe you could post that tweet!? ;)
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Not gonna share them all, but another 3-4 conferences approved of a "regular schedule" which includes the PAC allowing each school to make their own decision on OOC games...

It still doesn't look good for the B1G, outside of conference only games, and there's a strong chance there isn't a B1G tournament in 2021. Another kick in the nuts to Omaha (Nebraska/Huskers).