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Is this a Power 5 staff?

Husker In Oklahoma

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I think that is a valid question. I think some of it is, but you need all of them. They just look awful. So far, I’m so wrong. They need to get this ship heading in the right direction. Pretty quick. Another losing season is possible.

Husker Mort

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No. The only position group better this year is the secondary and others have actually regressed. Also some maddening roster management decisions.

...they had P5 confidence, though.
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We snuck out a win against Illinois and Frost straight up told us that is where the team is at. He wasn’t speaking in metaphors.
that's great. but we shouldn't be here. it shouldn't be okay that we are here. i think that's the issue.


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Does anyone actually, at this point, consider the team not pathetic? Seems like there's only reasons why it is pathetic. Sounds like the fan base is finally coming together.