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Is it just me....


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If Martinez had stayed here this year, this upcoming Nebraska team would have been the most talented squad he'd have been a part of and probably better than KSUs. There really isn't much lacking right now for talent other than some o line depth. Can't ask for too much more to make a run at a solid winning season here, the transfer portal has seemingly solidified most of the position groups.
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You mean you didn't know the big 12 is the nations premier conference with a juggernaut of defenses? Lol
Obviously you haven’t payed attention. Oklahoma State had one of the best defenses in the nation. Iowa State had the #9 ranked defense and Baylor, Kansas State and West Virginia were no slouches. As for juggernaut, I’m not sure there was any outside of Georgia. To suggest the Big 12 hasn’t improved on defense would be ignorant.
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It takes a while to get rid of a reputation. But I thought the KState defenses were always good with Snyder as coach, so for me, that image has carried forward for that team.


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There were definitely some good defenses in the Big XII. Like 2009 Nebraska.

But in general, the league got a pass-happy, air-raid reputation due to offenses like Stoops, Brown, Gundy, and Leach (especially Leach).

Think back to when Suh was playing. Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Blaine Gabbert, Todd Reesing, Brandon Weeden, Graham Harrell, the list goes on. Some of those guys could run (Gabbert), but most were pocket-passer laser-cannon guys.

The Big XII loaded up on gunslinger quarterbacks, so maybe the defenses were terrible and maybe the offenses were just too good and made the defenses look terrible by comparison. It's a chicken-or-the-egg kind of thing.
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Double feature :Popcorn:
  • North Dakota at Nebraska, September 3rd, 2:30CT, BTN (not NDSU Bison)
  • South Dakota at KSU, September 3rd, 6:00CT, ESPN+ (not SDSU Jackrabbits)


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The results haven’t been mixed, they’ve been outright bad, terrible. Not one person on this board expected what we’ve seen. Not one. Everyone has been wrong.
I think I was talking about the mixed results regarding the acquisition and retention of talent at a level necessary to compete consistently in the B1G. I was pointing out that our dependence on the portal indicates that our roster is/was not loaded in key position groups.

You seem to be focused on the win/loss record. I would agree with you that the mix of wins vs losses is not optimal right now and hasn’t been since Pelini was terminated.

I hope we can quickly get back to the point where fans are fuming about how any coach can win 9-10 games a year and calling for firings based on the 3-4 losses per year instead of 9.


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And I don’t understand what bridges were still intact to start with.

And as RR noted, he did use the word “probably”. Which is certainly different than “definitely” or “certainly” and gives his guys a pump while not slamming UNL directly.

Let’s let this molehill be a molehill.
It is a mole hill


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I was just giving my take on it.Thanks for your response.Keep the faith.GBR.




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I think they may very well be better players, football players. Raw talent? Not even close imo. The difference is Kleiman and company bring everything out of their players, and Nebraska looks lost and it’s shown. KSU just plays better football at the moment.
That's what I was saying. I don't care how many stars we have in front of our players names, I care about productivity and development
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