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Iowa Week Practice: Wednesday Zoom Presser

As has been pointed out, could say the same about your posts. If you want things to change up, you might try to be suggestive instead of just critical.
I've been warned by RR to refrain from spats on a message board. I'll leave it at that.
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This is going to sound mean, but how would he know? Good programs develop good habits, emotions and attitudes. Not that it's his fault, but he's never been a part of a program like that. I mean, I hope we turn it around, but we are what our record says we are.
Friday's game will be a knife fight. No one gets out clean. It will come down to who wants it more. Who is willing to get punched in the mouth repeatedly for 60 minutes and not back down. IMHO, this game, more than any other this year will tell us where we are. You can "teach" all the football stuff you want, but you can't teach tough. Winning Friday would be HUGE for this program.