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Iowa Week Practice: Wednesday Zoom Presser

What the hell?? Didn't run their routes full speed last week? Think maybe that's been the case all along and why AM doesn't always seem to have his timing down with them too? Give me a break! Coaches get your heads out of your asses and if they are not running routes full speed - they don't suit up on Saturday - see how the little babies like that. Jesus - this isn't rocket science!!!!!!!!!!
What, you think they all played? Why do you think we played lots of walk-ons at receiver?

I think it says you don't practice well, you don't play. So now they're losers. Why are you even here? You've pissed & moaned & dropped scuds all through this thread. How about something constructive moving forward...
You know, you're probably right my friend - I guess it is just that sometimes things reach a boiling point and you try to find a way to vent - I'll try to be a little more careful about my wording.
Haven't been able to listen to Benning and crew in the mornings - what has he had to say about all of this mess??

He came back in the afternoon as a guest. He was pretty worked up about this mess, but I already forgot what he spoke to specifically. It was a flurry of worked up guests this afternoon.

My opinion... start AM. He’s battle tested, got pulled after playing 2 undefeated teams. Play Luke in a package or two. It does give us the best chance to win. Need to up the RB carries and push the ball down the field. I think the defense will hold their own better this week but it’ll have to be 4 quarters if we want a chance
Hope you are right about the defense. IMO, key players played entire game, 90 snaps, the week before and maybe were gassed for the week. If defense is unable to stop their run, gonna be a long day and I'll be "Lost for Words" and maybe Huskers will be in the new "Divsion-Bell" (Well, trying here.


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