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Iowa to start selling beer at Kinnick


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I'm gonna say yes, doesn't matter if TO is alive or not. If I had an idea to give I'd say sell only micro brews made here only in Nebraska. To hell with the big 3. Help the little guys out. Also; imo no hard liquor. Jmo
We've needed the hard liquor the last 6 years to burn the taste of our teams out of our mind.


With safeguards, it should be allowed. The people who are going to abuse it are the same ones already abusing it and will continue to. Can't fix stupid. But I'm all for having an iced diesel during the game to celebrate a touchdown, and it will make the university that much more.


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My thought on this is that if you sell it. Cut it off at half time. As someone who worked security at both college and NFL games. End of third beginning of fourth qtr is when folks start getting too much and the beer muscles start to grow.


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Nebraska to offer free shots before the game because of what you have to endure