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Iowa OT Alaric Jackson on facing Nebraska's D


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Welp. Iowa is telling the Nebraska D-line they are going to shove the ball down their throat. He's probably right. Hopefully the defensive can use this as some sort of motivation.
As long as we run a 3-4 with our LB play, almost everyone will have success "shoving the ball down our throat" to some degree.....Have I mentioned lately how I hate the 3-4?


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Sounds right. They know who they are. I don’t see anything wrong with that. They struggled last year against us a bit though.
If my memory serves correct we used to tell people all the time in the 90s what we were going to do and much more blatantly and in your face than this.... And literally before the play, not just a generalization of “we’re going to run.”

Iowa knows who they are and I don’t take this as trash talk.. Just matter of fact.
Sadly, I don’t have confidence in us......
And that sucks.
A lot.

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