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Interesting News: Dominick Watt

All 'N' 011808

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Be interesting if we keep him, after him going that route.
I know he recently visited Kentucky. OLB Jesse Smith from Hutchinson CC in Kansas who will also be in Lincoln the weekend also went to Kentucky. The two appear to be pretty close at this point. Like you said, It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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Yeah the JUCO Title game was pretty much all Mills and others inside and outside. I watched that one. Both teams had great D's
Yep. Mills and Charles West. West signed with Southern Miss and was ran off before he actually enrolled (surprise, surprise).


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He started, will look up his stats later but it was a super run-heavy offense down there, like 60 rushes a game kind of offense. Wherever Mr. watt goes - he'll be ready to block
That would play to his favor, as Walters has said in interviews that if you can’t block then you can’t get on the field.


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I like Omar Manning more if the staff is wanting to add a juco receiver in this class.