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Interception Returned the Wrong Way

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Minnesota Vikings "purple people eaters" .... wrong way 66 yards run. Resulting in a safety.

The Wrong Way Run[edit]
During his time with the Minnesota Vikings, Marshall was involved in what is considered by many, including SI.com author John Rolfe,[9] to be the most embarrassing moment in NFL history. On October 25, 1964[10] in a game against the San Francisco 49ers, Marshall recovered a fumble and ran 66 yards the wrong way into his own end zone. Thinking that he had scored a touchdown for the Vikings, Marshall then threw the ball away in celebration. The ball landed out of bounds, resulting in a safety for the 49ers. According to Marshall, when he approached Vikings head coach Norm Van Brocklin afterwards, Van Brocklin said, "Jim, you did the most interesting thing in this game today."[11] Despite the gaffe, the Vikings won the game 27–22, with the final margin of victory provided by a Carl Eller touchdown return of a fumble caused by a Marshall sack. Marshall later received a letter from Roy Riegels, infamous for a wrong-way run in the 1929 Rose Bowl, stating, "Welcome to the club."[12] In 2019, Marshall's miscue was ranked No. 54 among the NFL's 100 Greatest Plays
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When I grew up, "Wrong Way Riegle" was the example of that mistake. That was in the Rose Bowl, when it was the top dog bowl game
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