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In the event you all have not seen this...a little Hooyah! and Get Some!


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Was just getting ready to post this? Saw it on facebook. Any idea when this took place?


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I can certainly see why Scott brings this crew in. They are motivators, wow. These players are lucky to have these life experiences. As a young man, I would have absolutely loved that stuff.
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Can someone help me?
At the 0:49 mark of the video, who is the older guy with the big beard. He looks similar to Damian Jackson, but it is not him.
I was somewhat on the fence with “The Program” but this video is spectacular. Very motivating to watch and I’m sure a great experience for these young men

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Thanks no reason it can not have its own thread. Easier to find that way

This thread says 'hi':
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This thread says 'hi':
Yeah that got a little ridiculous